Business Intelligence

Leverage your organisation’s
existing resources more effectively

Knowledge is power for organisations. It’s a window into opportunities to boost efficiency and productivity, minimise risks, maximise resources, control costs and so much more.

But many organisations struggle with information silos. Team members work independently with the same providers, without exchanging information. Employees leave the company, creating a knowledge gap. Duplicate efforts and processing errors take a toll on morale and the budget.

Legal Panel Gateway centralises every aspect of your matter management. In addition to standardising your processes and serving as a data repository, it enables you to make comparisons of panel supplier performance, monitor trends, view service changes, monitor performance, analyse provider ratings and determine budget compliance across all your matters.

How it works


All steps can be reported on


Define reports


Examine data for trends


Explore leads in data


Conclude and act

View status of all your matters

The best data is centralised data. The increased visibility improves information integrity, purchasing decisions and service quality. With Legal Panel Gateway, you can enjoy an overview of every legal matter being managed on your organisation’s behalf. Quickly identify any anomalies and adjust workflows or tasks as needed, instead of chasing down multiple contacts for an update.

Track performance

Provider performance ratings are an excellent indicator of what you can expect from each law firm. But, as your organisation works with providers, you can continue to assess their services by reporting on several variables. Itemise invoices. Calculate the cost of engaging a provider, including the cost of your manager’s time, against the financial outcome of a matter. Compare expenditures across firms and categories. Use this knowledge to determine provider performance and whether you are getting value for money.

Outcome predictions

Legal Panel Gateway is more than a management tool or platform. It’s a flexible system designed to collect data that informs future processes. Any data can be quickly compiled and summarised. As the system collects operational cost and outcome data, its outcome predictions become stronger. Managers can analyse data for trends or simply use it to forecast cost, time commitment and outcomes for matters.

Robust reporting capabilities

Legal services are an expensive line item for large organisations and governments. Optimise the process and manage your resources more effectively. Legal Panel Gateway’s real-time drag and drop reporting feature enables you to report on any data in the system: cost, performance, status of work in progress and any customisable element. Easily identify where your organisation’s dollars are going and which providers are delivering the best quality and value.

Improve the quality of your organisation’s outcomes with Legal Panel Gateway.

  • Compile and summarise data quickly
  • Report on any step in the matter management process
  • Explore leads in the data
  • Easy drag and drop reporting capabilities

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