Compliance and Performance

Accurately measure providers’
service quality and value

Your organisation needs hundreds (or thousands) of matters managed on its behalf. How do you ensure every team member is equipped with the knowledge to select the best provider?

Legal Panel Gateway enables your team members to become informed purchasers, capable of confidently selecting competent providers who can deliver proven value on any given matter.

How it works


Provider compliance is measured and reported


Publishing performance measures drives quality and price competition among providers


Team members can evaluate and compare providers based on quality and value of services


Track past, current and projected fees to every firm


Analyse and compare fees between firms


Leverage your buying power to obtain fee discounts

Compare providers

Every provider has a star rating displayed across all relevant screens and reports. Their rating and performance is measured against service level agreements, key performance indicators and client satisfaction surveys. The resulting star rating makes it easy to understand which firms offer the best value for your needs. You can also access extensive information on billing trends, key personnel specialisations and work in progress. Compare providers until you find the best match.

Measure performance and compliance

Whether you’re a government or an organisation focused on workforce equality, Legal Panel Gateway’s customised reporting helps you stay focused on your social equity objectives. Firms are required to meet certain benchmarks, which Legal Panel Gateway measures and reports to ensure ongoing compliance against contractual obligations. The system also has the flexibility to track and manage almost any key performance indicator, which makes it easy to assess status and performance on your matters.

Leverage your buying power

Publishing performance ratings drives quality and price competition among providers. The result: high-quality, reasonably priced services. But there may be additional savings available. Legal Panel Gateway captures cost information on each matter. You can analyse the cost of engaging a law firm against the financial outcome of a matter. Or assess your expenditure per firm, per category and leverage that knowledge for fee discounts.

Engage the right provider for every matter

Greater access to information provides better outcomes. That’s why Legal Panel Gateway empowers your managers with the skills and tools to be an expert buyer of legal services. With stored advices available for re-use, data that can be extracted to build reports or forecast outcomes and comprehensive provider ratings, you can be confident every matter will be expertly assigned to a specialist lawyer with demonstrated talent and ability based on past performance.

Legal Panel Gateway’s rating capabilities drive providers to deliver value.

  • Track and manage any KPI
  • Rate providers based on performance
  • Enable your team to select competent suppliers
  • Merit-based selection

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