Matter, Knowledge and
Financial Management

Reduce costs and improve
the quality of your legal outcomes

Gone are the days of invoices that exceed budgets and chasing down e-mails and spreadsheets for updates on matters. Legal Panel Gateway enables large organisations, scheme agents and legal service providers to collaborate on one centralised platform.

Built-in accountability controls ensure transparency across every aspect of every matter, from provider rating to final invoicing. With each matter logged, the platform becomes stronger, a living knowledge base capable of forecasting outcomes for your organisation.

How it works


Match matters to the best provider


Share documents and communications


View progress on deliverables and activities


Mandatory fee variation approvals, alerts and reminders guard
against budget creep


Predict outcomes and costs based on similar historical matters

Control your matters from start to finish

Legal Panel Gateway’s infrastructure and reporting capabilities enable your team to manage matters effectively. From customised workflows and budget caps to analysing the true cost of an outcome, Legal Panel Gateway ensures access to invaluable real-time information on any matter, anywhere and anytime.

Track costs and keep on budget

Eliminate surprise bills and control spend by setting and enforcing a budget for each matter. Providers must request approval for any increases to the original budget. If there’s no approval, providers can’t bill for the increase. Reporting capabilities show you which providers are delivering the best value, which fee arrangements are yielding the best outcomes and the resources going into each matter. It’s no wonder that clients typically see savings of 10-25% within a year of implementing Legal Panel Gateway.

Boost productivity

No more spreadsheets, phone calls and e-mails flying across different departments. Legal Panel Gateway is a centralised system to manage all aspects of legal services, including provider invoicing. It stores communications, tasks and documentation, categorising them by matter in a fully searchable database. Not only is the data easier to maintain and access, the system ensures the data remains current via alerts and reminders. Duplicate efforts and requests are minimised.

Make informed decisions

No matter their skill or experience level, Legal Panel Gateway’s centralised data repository, provider ratings and reporting capabilities arm your team with the information they need to select the best provider for every matter. The system retains all advices and opinions in an easily accessible format, enabling your team to refer to and search previous advice. As the system operates, it collects comprehensive operational costs and outcome data. Matter managers can use this information to improve processes or forecast costs and outcomes for future matters.

Transform the process of procuring and managing
legal services with Legal Panel Gateway.

  • Centralised data repository is easy to maintain and monitor
  • Increased visibility into current and past matters improves operational efficiency
  • Preserve your data security and integrity with automated backups and permission settings
  • Designed for enterprises and governments
  • No unauthorised fee variations
  • Know exactly how your budget is being spent

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