One powerful platform to
procure and manage legal services for your

A management tool that transforms the process of procuring and managing
legal services for enterprises and governments.

Legal Panel Gateway processes thousands of
transactions every year for over 6,700 users.

Control your matters from start to finish.

Legal Panel Gateway is a powerful, secure matter management platform that enables large enterprises and governments to control the cost and delivery of legal services.


  • Create customised workflow templates
  • Review and compare provider performance ratings


  • Complete, assign or search for workflows, tasks, communications, documents and more
  • Set budget limits for matters


  • Access status on any matter, anytime, from anywhere
  • Create customised reports on demand

With Legal Panel Gateway, you can leverage your existing resources to gain control over thousands of matters.


Access extensive information on panel performance, billing trends,performance ratings and work in progress for providers

Analyse the true cost of a matter outcome


Legal firms and scheme agents are measured and rated on the results of every matter

Firms are required to meet certain benchmarks, measured and reported by the platform to ensure ongoing compliance against contractual obligations


Mandatory variation approvals prevent your budget from being exceeded

Invoicing can be itemised so you understand the value of your work in progress

Monitor budget
and performance

Capture cost information on each matter and know exactly how your budget is being spent at any time

Customisable alerts and reminders keep matters on track and on budget

knowledge base

Centralised, searchable database of tasks, documents and communications minimise back and forth

System collects comprehensive operational cost and outcome data as a by-product of operations, enabling effective forecasting for future matters

Engage the right lawyer
for every matter

Compare provider ratings, performance and value

Identify solicitors with particular expertise in an area of law

Robust reporting

Create customised reports on-demand

Drag and drop reporting of all data in the system


Minimise duplicate efforts with centralised workflows and full auditable history

Customise workflows to your organisation’s needs, including contracting, invoicing and document management

Built for your

Legal Panel Gateway is designed specifically to simplify the procurement and management of legal services for enterprises and governments

Real-time, cloud-based platform without hardware costs

Maintain security and data integrity

Cloud-based platform and instant back-ups preserve your data

Control who can view and edit matters with customised privacy settings

All data is stored in the client’s chosen country and encrypted both in transit and at rest

Legal Panel Gateway is a centralised management tool that streamlines the process of procuring legal services and managing panels of law firms.