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Discover the robust system features that
will simplify your organisation’s legal expenditures

Matter, Knowledge and
Financial Management

Improve organisational and provider efficiency with one centralised data repository and management tool. Centralise and control your matters from start to finish, review provider ratings and gain instant visibility into performance and progress. Minimise risk and maintain data integrity with a cloud-based platform that tracks and records everything in real-time. Comprehensive reporting capabilities provide visibility into matters and ensure providers stay within budget guidelines. Analyse costs of engaging a lawyer against the financial outcome of a matter. Control runaway costs with custom alerts and mandatory approvals for matters which exceed the original budget and scope.


No matter the level of complexity of your provider arrangements, rates or service level agreements, ensure consistency and better outcomes by turning your organisation’s unique processes into customised workflow templates. Direct work to the appropriate person with Legal Panel Gateway’s centralised platform for communications, invoicing and templating. Upload and view documents in the fully searchable document database, complete with comprehensive audit trails. Send relevant information to providers, including documents, tasks and instructions. Once a matter begins, providers complete tasks in Legal Panel Gateway, ensuring full visibility.

Compliance and Performance


Select the right provider for every legal engagement. Each law firm in Legal Panel Gateway is required to maintain certain metrics. They’re measured against the results of every matter they handle, service level agreements, key performance indicators and client satisfaction surveys. These metrics are aggregated into a Five Star Rating that captures a firm’s quality rating, helping your team easily identify the providers who can deliver proven value. As matters progress, the system captures cost information. Receive up-front warnings of anomalies and alerts when things go off course. Access a complete and transparent picture of the status of all your matters at any time. Use this knowledge to determine provider performance and whether you are getting value for money.


Enable your team to become informed purchasers of legal services and ensure better outcomes with Legal Panel Gateway’s flexible data system. The system automatically collects comprehensive operational costs and outcome data as a by-product of operations. All steps of the matter management process can be reported on and examined for trends. Create automated workflows to reduce administration time or use the data to analyse the true cost of matter. Compare providers and the benefits from different forms of payment: fixed price, capped price or hourly billing. Retain all advices and opinions in an easily accessible format. Refer to previous advice, search and sort advices per your needs.