Organisations manage legal services
better with Legal Panel Gateway

A centralised collaboration platform for governments,
large enterprises, insurance companies, scheme agents and lawyers

The envelope sits on your desk or in your inbox.

You don’t want to open it, even though you know what’s waiting inside.

It’s another bill from one of your legal service providers and once again, it’s exceeded the original estimate. But, the provider hasn’t broken down the hours and you’re not sure how you can realistically evaluate the quality of their services.

It’s a vicious cycle.

  • You never know how much you owe law firms until they bill you
  • Every matter operates differently
  • There’s no way to capture information in a reusable form
  • You have no recourse but to pay the bill

That all changes with Legal Panel Gateway, which is designed around one belief:

If you know everything, you can control anything.

Centralised platform and knowledge base

No more chasing down e-mails, spreadsheet and multiple points of contact for an update. Legal Panel Gateway is a robust data repository, designed to store every piece of information for every matter managed on behalf of your organisation. Add, search and review communications, documents, tasks and advices. Review the auditable histories. Arm your team with the information they need to select the best advisor for every matter. Alerts and reminders ensure your files are kept up-to-date, maximising efficiency and productivity.

Standardised processes

Reduce admin time and ensure uniform procedures across providers and matters. Legal Panel Gateway enables you to automate and standardise your organisation’s unique processes. Create customised templates for workflows, projects and matters and eliminate costly information silos within your organisation. Consistent procedures provide data that enables you to understand the true cost of a matter.

Reliable evaluation standards

Make better decisions with Legal Panel Gateway’s comprehensive provider rating system. A rigorous selection process precedes each firm’s admittance into the system. Both in-house counsel, scheme agents and legal firms’ performance are then measured against service level agreements, key performance indicators and client satisfaction surveys. These metrics can be aggregated into a Five Star Rating that captures the quality rating and displays it on all relevant screens and reports. Compare providers and identify key personnel with particular expertise in each firm. When working with multiple firms, you can see expenditure per firm, per category and leverage that knowledge for fee discounts. Legal Panel Gateway also enables the detailed analysis and reporting on scheme agent performance.

Transparency and accountability

Never go over budget without your consent. There are no unauthorised fee variations in Legal Panel Gateway. The system controls actual expenditure and commitments by regulating the estimating and variation procedures. Once you’ve set a budget, any variations must be approved. Providers log their progress in the system, giving you real-time status for all matters across your organisation. Capture cost information on each matter to ensure value for services. Analyse the true cost of a provider against the financial outcome of a matter.

How it works


Log in


Create a matter


Define the budget and work to be completed on the matter


Review providers’ specialty and ratings


Engage your preferred provider


Update, share and search documents


Check the
worklist to see
work to be
on the matter.


Track and report on any variable

Use Legal Panel Gateway to standardise and
manage all your processes, including:

  • Matter management
  • Knowledge management
  • Financial management
  • Legal workflow
  • Compliance management
  • Performance management
  • Business intelligence
  • Provider progress and performance
  • Internal and external team management
  • Invoicing
  • And more!

With Legal Panel Gateway,
your organisation can:

  • Control costs
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Securely manage matters
  • Share knowledge
  • Compare providers
  • Select the best providers for every matter
  • Boost productivity
  • Create on demand reports
  • Forecast outcomes

Did you know?

Customers have managed over $494 million in throughput on the Legal Panel Gateway platform.